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Troublesome Bears?

A Yeti who has lost his toothbrush?

Messy Seven Dwarves?

Not to worry.

Here's Granny Foop with her Wheelie Bag.

Granny Foop 3.jpg

Billie is walking along with her Granny Foop. Granny Foop lives on a very strange street. Some of the residents need help, others are causing trouble, but every time Granny Foop's Wheelie Bag has the solution.

But the last resident is particularly problematic.

Will Granny Foop remember that her Wheelie Bag knows what to do?

Granny Foop's Wheelie Bag

Click on the image for an A4 printable.


Granny Foop's Wheelie Bag

Granny Foop.jpg
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